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Our mission at Coastal Dream Life is to create helpful content to inspire, educate, and assist anyone who, like all of us, is irresistibly passionate about the beach and has always dreamt of living the ultimate coastal dream life with white sandy shores, fresh ocean breezes, and picturesque sunsets that soothes the soul as very few things in life can.

Feel free to check out our blog categories below for anything specific you need, and if you cannot find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us, and we’ll get our experts on it right away.

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Our Story

Coastal Dream Life was created by me, Chrissie Smuts, and my husband to share our love and passion for the beach and coastal living.

Both of us have grown up in coastal cities and enjoyed the spoils and pleasures of the beach as kids, we’ve always shared a longing to return to a coastal dream life.

We currently live in Abu Dhabi, which is located on an island in the Persian Gulf, off the Central West Coast. and spend a fair amount of time on the beautiful beaches Abu Dhabi has to offer, along with the awesome beach clubs and restaurants all over the area.

Ariel view of Abu Dhabi city

When it’s time to properly unwind from the stresses of life, we spend our holidays at our beach house located in a small coastal village off the east coast of the Western Cape province in South Africa; an area where the southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) comes to calve and mate along its migratory route from June to October. These whales can be seen with their young all along the coastline, and it’s always an amazing thing to experience.

Pearly Beach

To create the highest quality, helpful content, we’ve put together an amazing team of writers experienced in various professions that all come together to advise, help, assist and inspire in various areas of coastal living to help you, the reader, on your journey to your own little piece of coastal heaven.

“To sit in silence at the shore, watch the waves and hear the surf, is to appreciate the very breath and heartbeat of the earth.”

– Doe Zantamata

Our Writing Team

Meet our passionate writing team below and feel free to reach to any of us for any specific questions you might have about our content.

Chrissie Smuts

Chrissie is the creator and owner of Coastal Dream Life.

Get in touch with Chrissie at chrissie@coastaldreamlife.com

Kelsey Butler

Kelsey Butler is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition Sciences.

She is an expert in nutrition research, coaching, content creation, and recipe development.

Kelsey takes a mindful approach toward health and values building relationships with all foods. She understands the importance of providing recipes that anyone can enjoy, no matter their dietary needs.

When she’s not focusing on nutrition, Kelsey has a passion for cooking, the outdoors, running, and travel.

Get in touch with Kelsey at kelsey@coastaldreamlife.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelsey-king-butler

Glen Mcilroy

Glen has a Master’s degree in Architecture.

His passions lie in the world of design and nature.

A nature lover through and through, Glen is passionate about animals and plants alike. Spending time in nature is always preferable to being indoors, whether hiking, on the beach, or simply hanging out in the garden with friends.

The design world fascinates Glen to no end, whether in buildings, furniture, or landscaping. A healthy lifestyle is something that Glen pursues in a holistic sense, emphasizing healthy food, exercise, and mental well-being.

Get in touch with Glen at glen@coastaldreamlife.com

Llewellyn Lloyd

Llewellyn has a Bachelor of Technology in Nature Conservation and a National Diploma in Nature Conservation.

He was privileged enough to live and work in some of the most beautiful regions of South Africa. The host of experiences, to date, have shaped his views and values and have imprinted on him the importance of sustainable living, enjoying what we have, and ensuring that future generations can also experience the wonders of creation.

Originally from the coast, the ocean will forever be imprinted on his psyche. However, living in the bushveld of Limpopo for five years left its mark as well.  Whether in the bush or at sea, Llewellyn believes strongly in environmental education.

Get in touch with Llewellyn at llewellyn@coastaldreamlife.com

Jessica Lawther

Jess is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist.

She completed her community service year in a government hospital and now runs her own private practice.

She is passionate about health, nutrition, and well-being in all stages of life. She specializes in healthy eating and medical nutrition therapy. Her goal is to help people live healthier lives and love life to the fullest. She loves all things food, cooking, and baking.

She has a deep love for animals and being outdoors and in nature. Some of her hobbies include sewing and leatherwork. She is also interested in women’s beauty, fashion, and household décor.

Get in touch with Jess at jess@coastaldreamlife.com

Loredana Loots

Loredana is a Certified Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach.

She is also a Natural Health and Wellness Advocate, Recipe Developer, Foodie, and Fitness Enthusiast.

Her goal and passion is to inspire, support and empower others to be more mindful of what they feed themselves- mind, body, and spirit- to live life to their fullest potential.

Always keeping up with the latest health trends and discoveries, she’s ready to guide any reader along their wellness journey to make more informed decisions and adopt a simple, wholesome, and long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Get in touch with Loredana at loredana@coastaldreamlife.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lore-loots-0b3204208/